Wire Information and Fraud Advisory

Wire fraud is running rampant all over the world.  Hackers have now targeted realtors and title companies, as well as private parties and lenders.  They are looking to steal your down payment, your loan proceeds, no matter the amount.  They use email addresses that are similar to the ones you are familiar with.  They may use logos and signature blocks that they have copied. 

You have to help us help you!  We have multiple protections in place, but with cyber-crimes increasing, you must be ever-vigilant.  They are getting more sophisticated by the day.  We all have to be aware and alert!

If an email doesn’t sound like something we would say, is full of grammatical or spelling errors or just plain strikes a nerve or seems off for any reason at all – CALL US at a number you trust – NOT the one contained in the email!

If you receive an email, or any other communication that appears to be generated from our office, containing NEW, REVISED OR ALTERED BANK WIRE INSTRUCTIONS, consider it suspect and CALL US at a number you trust!

Check the email address for any discrepancy, like a small “L” or a “line” like the one found on the key just below your backspace key, instead of an “I”.   You can’t tell the difference with a quick look! 

Here’s an example using our County name:

  • Actual : Williams
  • Altered: Willlams        (3 small “L”s)
  • Altered: Wlliams         (missing the first “i”)
  • Altered: Wil|iams       (using the “line” in place of a small “L”)

If ANYTHING seems off, please CALL US.  We are very happy to verify that any email was sent, that instructions were sent, what the instructions are or any other question having to do with our transaction.

If your bank has questions, they can call our bank directly to verify any ABA/Routing numbers.  Just before sending your wire, PLEASE call our office at a known number to verify our wiring instructions and the timing of your wire.   


We use a secure email system, Outlook 365.  You can use your Google/Microsoft account or a One-Time Passcode to access any secure emails that we have sent to you.

Our wiring instructions will not change at the last minute. 

We will not request that you send in more money than what is showing on your Closing Disclosure or Settlement Statement.


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