Notary Services


General Notary

  • $5 per signature. 
  • No appointment needed for 3 notaries or less.
  • Hours Notary is available:
    • Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM - 5:15 PM 
    • Friday 9:00 AM - 2:45 PM
    • Closed weekends and all Federal Holidays.


Closing Package / Multiple Documents or Signers

  • Please call for appointment, so we can ensure staff is available.
    • Seller, Buyer or Refinance packages
    • Document Packages
    • More than 3 Documents
    • More than 2 Signers
  • Call for quote.
  • Appointment times are subject to availability:
    • Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM 
    • Friday 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    • Closed weekends and all Federal Holidays.

Key Things to Remember:

  • Do NOT sign any document in advance that needs to be notarized.
  • Complete all the information that you can before coming in, except signatures.  We are not allowed to assist in completion of documents.
  • Make sure that you understand what you are signing before coming in, as we cannot explain documents to you.
  • Keep all papers in order.
  • All blank spaces must be filled in.
  • Know what type of Notarization you need.
  • Bring your valid, unexpired, state-issued Photo ID.
  • Your name on your ID must match the name on your document.
  • All signers must be present to sign.
  • Be aware and willing to sign.
  • Know the cost and have payment with you.




  • We cannot notarize Passport Applications or any other documents that are required to be signed before a Consular Officer, Passport Specialist or Designated Consular/Acceptance Agent.  Please contact your local DMV or County Recorder’s Office for an appointment for that service.
  • In the case of a document drafted in a language other than English, the document MUST BE accompanied by a permanently affixed and accurate written English translation. (NDCC 44-06.1-23 6i)


DISCLAIMER:  Our notaries are not attorneys licensed to practice law in this state.  We are not allowed to draft legal records, give advice on legal matters, including immigration, or charge a fee for those activities.  

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